Christian Marriage

What is the foundation of a Strong Christian Marriage?

There are many different concepts that exist surrounding the topic. However, it must have God at the heart of the union. If one were to ask a Christian husband and wife why marriage, they would answer with total conviction that their marriage is an extension of their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When a man and woman join together in holy matrimony in the Christian world, the foundation of their marriage rests on their common devotion to God, and the teachings of the Christian church. In essence, they are serving the Lord when they choose to marry. A Christian couple is not relying solely on feelings of romantic love, but love must exist hand in hand with their faith.

What is the recipe for a happy marriage? Colossians 3:12-19

All would agree, regardless of faith or denomination, that a happy marriage is one that includes mutual respect, caring, and love for one another.

It is a relationship in which a man and woman have common goals and philosophies in life, all of which hinge upon their Christian faith. Tolerance of each other's faults is a must, as well as the ability to compliment and cherish one another. Christian couples must be selfless as much as possible. They must also accept the fact that no one is perfect and should not hold impossible expectations for their spouse or their union. Above all, there should be an unshakeable friendship that is the focal point in a Christian marriage.

The Marriage Bed and Acts of Love Go Hand in Hand

Sex and marriage is often cause for confusion in the Christian world.

Many people have been misguided in their belief that sex is sinful or should be restricted to be in keeping with past teachings of a few church leaders. Nothing could be further from the truth. A healthy sex life is a thing of beauty and an expression of love that takes a Christian marriage to a deeper level of devotion.

Sex is a pillar for a rich, fulfilling marriage in the life of a Christian couple.

There is no shame in this extension of love for one another. Man and woman are meant to be united in a sexual relationship. It is the way God created us with the intention of bringing two people together in the hope of procreation. While the majority of Christian couples will be blessed with a child, that is not the only reason to have sex. Sex is not wrong or a duty and freedom in the marriage bed does not displease God. A Christian couple should abandon themselves with passionate blitz to one another each time that they join together in sex.

Spice Up a Marriage with a Healthy Sexual Relationship

A Christian husband and wife can enrich their marriage by giving attention to their sex life. Just as they nurture one another in their faith and love, they can also enhance their sexual experiences with one another. They should feel free to explore each other's bodies every time that they come together as one in the marriage bed. This is a time to let go of their inhibitions, to delve into what is pleasurable, and give themselves to the great joy that comes with the union of their bodies.

Put Time and Effort into a Well-Rounded Sex Life

A Christian couple needs to be dedicated to their sexual relationship in the same way that they are to every other aspect of their marriage.

One of the most important things they can do is to establish a regular time for sex, to ensure they do not push it aside due to fatigue and other obligations. However, couples can feel free to experiment with other times of day and places to add excitement to their lives. They should appreciate each other in every way, remember what it is to truly kiss, and learn what truly pleases their partner. When a husband and wife experience a positive sex life, their love will only grow stronger.

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