Christian Marriage Vows
So Much More Than Happily Ever After

Do true Christian Marriage Vows Still Exist?

In a day and age where people do not take their marriage vows seriously, it is hard to believe that covenant marriage still exists.

With Christian vows being broken nearly as often as those outside the church, it is no wonder that the rate of marriages is declining steadily in this country. People are becoming disappointed and disillusioned with the institution of marriage.

And yet, God says that marriage is a blessed union. It is not good for man to dwell alone. To find a wife is to find a good thing! So if indeed marriage is a good thing, then what do Christian marriage vows really mean? And how do we keep our marriage vows?

What do a Christian's marriage vows truly mean?

Often when young couples get married they think that marriage is about bringing them happiness.

Although that is true, there is so much more to marriage than that. This union is also about commitment, persevering together through tough times, supporting and inspiring one another. Many no longer say traditional wedding vows, yet those vows highlighted that marriage is so much more than self-focused pursuit of happiness. “To have and to hold for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health” are words that remind us of the ups and downs of life that a marriage may go through. Knowing that the one you’ve married is committed to stay beside you through it all is often the only thing that can keep you afloat when times are truly hard. True wedding vows should not just be declarations of love and passion, but a promise to persevere through life’s hardest moments together.

Pre-marriage counseling can be an important tool for young couples to prepare them to begin a long and blessed life together. Talking through differences in personality and upbringing, expectations and roles with a professional or pastoral counselor can reveal potential issues and give a couple chances to work through them early on. Premarital counseling gives couples the preparation to preserve their marriage vows before conflicts put them in jeopardy.

Can broken vows ever be repaired?

What if you’re already married and years of conflict have already put your marriage vows in jeopardy?

What if you’ve been unfaithful? Can broken vows ever be repaired? Do not despair. Christian marriage vows are based not only on the couple’s love, but more importantly on the love of God. The love and forgiveness of God can make even broken, unhappy marriages become loving and faithful marriages.  Consider going to marriage counseling with a pastoral or professional counselor to talk through some the issues that caused your marriage to falter. Having an outsider to arbitrate issues can allow you to understand each other’s points of view and to repair trust that has been broken.

It is possible to keep Christian marriage vows, even in this day and age. Couples can have a blessed and long life together with love, commitment, forgiveness.  A couple’s marriage will last when their marriage vows are founded not only on their happiness together, but the love of God which enables them to truly love each other.

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