Christian Movie Reviews

Christian Movie Reviews

Having a movie night is a great way to bond together as a family. Family movie night means: everyone curled up together on the couch, snacking on some popcorn and sharing laughs, thrills, or perhaps even tears together! A great film can be a unifying experience, perhaps even a springboard for later conversations.

A good movie will evoke emotions and reflect experiences that, although they maybe different from our own, are relatable to everyone on some level.  When we watch a good movie, we will connect with the characters, root for and cheer for them. Our hearts become sympathetic to what we see on the screen and the images remain with us for a long time. That is why we must be thoughtful about what films we watch.

Unfortunately, many of today’s movies are often filled with overwhelming debauchery and abject violence. We find ourselves as Christians unable to enjoy a movie without being barraged by characters and plots that are contrary to what the Word of God teaches and the values we hold dear. 

We want to enjoy a fun movie night with our loved ones, and we want to be true to what we find in Philippians 4:8.  So are there any movies that are “excellent and praiseworthy”? Absolutely! Although there are many movies out there that are less than wholesome, don't be fooled--- there is a stunningly wide variety of movies that are well-made, uplifting, wholesome, and enjoyable!

On this page you’ll find reviews of movies that are appropriate for Christian husbands/wives to watch together, as well as some that are appropriate for the whole family. Movies don't have to be limited to one genre, or have the name "Christian" in the title to be appropriate for wholesome viewing. There is a wide variety of movies that are uplifting for couples and families.

On this page there will be reviews of movies that are comedic (laughter is good medicine!), romantic, action/suspense, and many other genres.  Each review will give you an idea of the maturity level or the intended audience for the movie, as well as a basic overview of the plot, without giving away any major “spoilers”.

We hope these reviews will help you to feel confident that your movie night will be an uplifting and enjoyable experience that aligns with your faith and your ideals.

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