Dealing With Loss

Dealing with Loss - Hardship - Tragedy

When tragedy strikes, it can truly turn your world upside down.

You don't know where to turn or how you will climb the mountain that has risen to block your path to happiness. You are most at risk to lose your way in these dark moments. No matter what sadness befalls you, no matter how heavy the burden of grief, or how overwhelming the challenge, never forget that God is with you every step of the journey and in the most difficult times. The AMP version of Colossians 3-15 can be a light to guide your path: "And let the peace from Christ rule in your hearts to which as one body you were called. And be thankful." Remember that you also have steadfast support in your soul mate. Your partner in marriage is your lifeboat when you are tossed about on the stormy waters. Hold on tight and ride out the tough times together.

Dealing with Losing Your Home or Property

Losing your property can be extremely frustrating and have a financial impact on you as well.

You may be especially downhearted if you lose something of great sentimental value. Accept what has happened and take a step forward toward reclaiming what is yours, acquiring something new or realizing that your loss is permanent. Remind yourself of your many blessings and be patient. God has good plans for you with hope and a future. As a couple, open your hearts to the possibilities that are in store for you in the future.

Dealing with Loss of a Job or Job Stress

When unemployment strikes, it feels like hitting a brick wall.

Doubts and fears arise as you grapple with all of the obligations that weigh upon you.

Financial Impact 

While you strive to make ends meet and look for other sources of income, place your trust in the Lord once more. Believe that all things happen for a reason and God will guide you to where you should go next, bringing brighter prospects your way. Express your fears to your partner and look for solutions to carry you over this rough patch.

How to Handle Struggles with Illness

Illness will make you feel powerless.

It's hard to be optimistic when you are unable to do all the things that you love and are too ill to enjoy life. Have faith that God will carry you through this difficult time. Accept the affection and compassion of your partner. Be patient as you let your spouse's love be a soothing balm.

Overcoming the Loss of a Child

Losing a child brings a great wave of grief that will threaten to crush you.

Share your burden with God and open your heart to His healing. This is the time when you and your partner must turn to each other as well. Don't shut your spouse out or forget the love that you have for one another. You must give each other consolation and find strength in the ties that bind.

Ensure Dealing With Loss Doesn't Affect Your Marriage

Save Your Christian Marriage

The various types of loss in your life can sometimes seem so great that they begin to whither away at your intimacy and overall relationship.

It's vital that you both seek out the resources to help you understand how to keep the negative "happenings" & frustrations in life from becoming wedges between you.

One such resource we've partnered with is Save Your Christian Marriage.

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