Healthy Sexual Relationship

Are You Building A Healthy Sexual Relationship?

As a Christian couple, you know the lessons from the Bible. They have been instilled since childhood and will follow you through the years. Now that you have found your soul mate and have made your lives become one, you can use 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and remember the main lesson that it teaches. Love is patient and kind. It trusts at all times and will never fail a husband and wife. Combine love with your faith in every aspect of your lives and you will have a relationship that will withstand all of life's trials.

Love and Faith: Foundations for a Healthy Sexual Relationship

sexual satisfaction for the christian wife

A healthy sexual relationship should be a part of your Christian marriage as well.

Many people get the wrong impression at some point along the way in their formative years.

You may have had teachers in the church or adults who led you to believe that sex is a shameful act, something that is simply to be endured in order to have children.

Otherwise, it is an embarrassment and frowned upon by God. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your love for each other and your strong, Christian faith should join you in the bedroom each night. When you come together in the marriage bed and cherish one another, that bed can never be defiled. It is an extension of your love each time that you explore each other's bodies and physically become one.

Build Your Sexual Bond Together

A true marriage is a partnership and will extend to the bedroom as well.

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Each time that you engage in a sexual relationship, remember the love that you have for your partner.

Learn what it is to be open-minded and gentle as you practice self-control. Be patient with each other.

A healthy sexual relationship is all about taking great pleasure as you come together in the marriage bed. Take the time to find out what makes your partner happy and express your own desires as well. Don't get too busy or tired to find time for sex, even if it means setting a regular time for sex each day.

This is an essential part of a happy, fulfilling marriage. If you overlook this aspect of your life together as a couple, you will find that it has a negative impact in other parts of your life as well. You need to nurture each other in every way possible and that includes the bedroom. Be forgiving as well and never go to bed angry. Each time that you unite in sex, be healed.

Set Yourself Free

When you truly love your spouse, you are being a Christian in every sense of the word.

Don't hold back that love when it comes to your sexual relationship or ever feel ashamed. Feel free to explore and try new things together. If your partner wants to experiment, make an effort to always be open-minded. Think about new sexual techniques that you may want to try as well. Don't let your marriage become stale. You can join your spouse in a sexual relationship at any time of day, use different rooms in your household, or wear something special. Have date nights together that can lead to a wonderful close to the evening in the bedroom.

The day that you marry, you join your lives together as Christians. You promise to cherish and honor one another until the day that you die. Your love will continue to be a guide you through all of the highs and lows in life. Hold each other dear and remember that your love extends into the bedroom and shines a light there as well. You are meant to come together as one in a beautiful, sexual relationship. There is no shame when you honor each other in the bedroom. You are sharing each other in every way. Open your heart and watch as your love grows deeper day by day.

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