Marriage Conflict

Marriage Conflict and Conflict Resolution

On the day that you join your soul mate in marriage, it feels like a dream come true. All of the waiting, and careful planning has finally come together as you stand before God and loved ones to make your bond complete. You look back at the days and nights of keeping yourself pure and ahead to a bright future before you and can't wait to begin the journey. On the day you say your marriage vows you commit to a sacred covenant. You commit to a marriage that you hope will give you a slice of paradise on Earth.

What Do You Do When There are Bumps in the Road?

While your marriage may have begun with a great sense of fulfillment and a strong foundation of love, there are bound to be marriage problems along the way. Don't forget that the word of God is your guide. As relationship issues arise, you may fear that you have a bad marriage. Don't make the same mistake as so many couples of today. Newlyweds often have misconceptions about matrimony. They've seen too many romance movies and read a lifetime of love stories. They believe that everything will come easily and when the first troubles begin to crop up, they throw in the towel. The most important thing you need to remember is to work through your problems in an unhappy marriage. As you give yourselves time to smooth out those bumps and ride out the storms of life do not forget to be kind to each other. Let your words speak life. Proverbs 20:3 AMP says, It is an honor for a man to cease from strife and keep aloof from it, but every fool will quarrel. Seek wisdom, seek instruction, and guidance from the word of God. Your marriage will be stronger, your love will grow deeper, and you'll appreciate what you have all the more when you have to work for it.

Relationship Problem Advice: Keep an Open Heart

When your marriage is hit by hard times, you need to accept helpful advice from others and look at examples in your life of couples with a healthy relationship. Find out about what strengthens the ties that bind and fight for your marriage. Don't simply give up and let it unravel. One of the most basic tips came from a beloved priest. While he could not marry, Father Tony was an excellent listener and soaked up a great deal of valuable advice from the couples he counseled over the years. He suggested that a husband and wife should never go to bed angry. It is important to find some way to resolve or table an argument before turning in for the night. This wise man also recommended holding hands during a heated quarrel. That simple gesture makes it much more difficult to stay angry when closing the gap between two hearts.

Overcoming Relationship Issues and Marriage Conflict: The Art of Compromise

When two people unite, they may have a rude awakening in the course of daily life. They will become intimate with all of each others habits and some may leave something to be desired. Rather than attack your spouse over a habit that bothers you, try making gentle requests to help you deal with the problem. Also, take a good look at what the problem is. Is it really worth becoming upset? Your partner may have quirks or behaviors that annoy you, yet are completely harmless. Remember that love means acceptance. Embrace everything about your spouse and let it go. The towel doesn't always have to be folded the way that you like. It won't be the end of the world if he leaves the lid up in the bathroom. If she snores, invest in ear plugs. Make it work.

As a couple, be aware of your differences and accept them. While there may be many things that you have in common, you are likely to have your own hobbies. You should each have time to do the things that you love and it doesn't always have to be together. Spend time with friends and allow your partner to do the same. It's important to give each other some freedom and down time. Don't smother your spouse or expect to be together 24/7.

How to Save a Marriage: Getting Marriage Counseling

If you feel that your marriage conflict is serious and you've exhausted other alternatives, there are many sources for marriage help. You can turn to your church for advice or perform an online search. There is no shame in turning to a professional counselor. An outsider with expertise in marriage advice can get to the root of the problem.

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