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A Passionate Marriage and Review of Passion Pursuit

Passion Pursuit Gets Two Thumbs Up

Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love are You Making by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery is an excellent book for any married woman, whether you’ve been married 1 day or 100 days!  Written in a Bible study workbook, journal type format, this book has dozens of questions designed to promote self-examination. The clear and concise Bible passage expositions and examples from the authors' own lives can help any women to pursue a passionate marriage and true physical, and emotional intimacy in her marriage.

Passion Pursuit is broken into ten chapters, which are then each broken in to 5 days’ worth of study.

What I loved most about the style of the book is that each day is just a bite-sized little snippet that can fit into even the tightest busiest schedule. Some of the highlights for me were the opening chapter - I’ve Got Power, the chapter on changing our thinking about sexuality and intimacy –Making Truth Stick, and the closing chapter – Becoming a Smokin’ Hot Mama. Each chapter begins with a theme verse for meditation over the five days. Also, several sidebar commentaries from each of the author make the book far more conversational than just a boring ol’ Bible study.

One of the central features of Passion Pursuit is a look at the main female character from the Song of Solomon, the Shulamite, therein after called the “Sexy Hot Mama”.

Dr. Slattery comments on how often the Proverbs 31 women is extolled for her excellent management of her home, her industriousness and entrepreneurship, and what a blessing she was to her husband. Yet, the Shulamite of Song of Solomon is rarely so publicly and frequently lauded. Yet, if push came to shove, “I bet many husbands would choose the bride of Solomon or the Proverbs 31 wife” says Slattery. It’s true! What husband wouldn’t want a women who pursued him with passion and abandon? The bride of Solomon is an example to all married women of a woman who understand the God given blessing of a passionate marriage.

The best tip that I gleaned from this book was a long recommendation list of other books!

Author Juli Slattery revealed that when she and her husband were struggling to achieve a happy and healthy sexual relationship in their marriage, they both knew there were things to work on but had great difficulty talking about intimate issues. What truly helped them were reading good books about sex aloud with each other. That gave them a way to talk about their intimacy and marriage using another authors words to make each of them feel less embarrassed. Some of the recommended titles were: The Gift of Sex by Cliff and Joyce Penner,Intimacy Ignited by Jody and Linda Dillow and Peter and Lorraine Pintus,Intimate Issues by Lorraine Pintus andCelebration of Sex by Douglas Rosenau.

If you are looking to create a passionate marriage, I highly recommend Passion Pursuit. It is Biblical, conversational, thought-provoking and inspiring. These authors have done an excellent job creating a study that is sure to change many marriage beds for good!

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