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Focusing on Sexuality and Intimacy in Marriage

Sinless Pleasure: New Website to Transform Christian Marriages

Since 2011, an alarming statistic has been looming large on the Christian news circuit: 42 percent divorce rate among those who consider themselves born-again Christians. “While it may be alarming to discover that born-again Christians are more likely than others to experience a divorce, that pattern has been in place for quite some time," said George Barna, president of Barna Research Group.  Still more alarming are the statistics that the marriages that do remain intact are often love-less, joyless and “sexless” marriages. Approximately 20% of couples have sex no more than 10 times per year, which expert define as a sexless marriage.* So what is the cause of these failures?

Christian Piatt, a Christian blogger, had this to say: “Our inability to engage a real, contemporary discussion about sex, sexuality and intimacy in marriage reduces the terribly complex landscape of human intimacy to the same old silver-bullet panacea that marriage fixes everything. Wait until you are married, and then you'll magically know how to treat someone's body with love and respect, and how to express yourself in a way that honors the covenant binding two people together (in theory) for the rest of their lives. Where, pray tell, does this flash of knowledge come from?” **

This is where Sinless Pleasure Comes In

Sinless Pleasure was created to fill the vacuous silence on sexuality and intimacy in marriage in the Christian Church. This website is designed to give Christian couples the encouragement and guidance necessary to build a fulfilling and passionate marriage.

On, readers will find a wealth of information -- articles, marriage quizzes, book recommendation and reviews, etc.—all designed to help couples increase spiritual growth, emotional intimacy, and yes, physical intimacy in their marriages.

While SinlessPleasure has only recently been launched, the site has been in the works for quite some time. “We’ve known for many years that there was too little teaching on the importance of romance, passion and intimacy. We wanted to share with others that their marriage can also be filled with unbridled passion fueled by faithfulness and love. We knew that there was a real need for ministry in this area,” says Paul Vieira, who is co-founder of the site along with his wife, Grace.

Sinless Pleasure Testimonials

Christiana, a visitor to the new site and a recent divorcee, said, “I love the site. There’s a real need for this in the church. I wish someone had told me about this sooner. Sex was one of the major problems in our marriage. Information like this might have made a difference for us.” Stories like Christiana’s are all too common.

Too many couples carry unnecessary baggage when it comes to intimacy in marriage. The goal and desire of is to turn situations like Christiana’s and others around. We also desire to see good marriages become better.

Bracey another visitor to the site says, "The marriage bed is to be enjoyed and holds nothing back in sharing this message. May they continue to spread the message that a husband and wife are to enjoy one another."

“It’s not just a website; it’s a ministry for us,” says co-founder Grace, who also does much of the site’s editing. “It’s our hope that we see many marriages changed and strengthened through this ministry.”

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* Statistic from Newsweek

** quote from Huffington Post

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