Women Sexual Health

Sexual Health is About More than Just the Physical

For women sexual health often gets put on the back burner. We know that we need to stay in good general health in order to perform our best on our jobs, keep up with the children we care for, and to do all the menial chores that keep life running. After all is said and done, attending to our sexual health just isn't a priority.  But it should be. Sexual health is an essential part of our overall health. Just like our overall health encompasses our emotional, physical, and spiritual health, sexual health is also comprised of physical emotional and spiritual aspects.  To fully enjoy the gift of sexual love with our husbands, we women must allow our sexual health to take on more importance.
When it comes to sexual health women are particularly vulnerable to in three areas:
-- lack of engagement which deplete our sexual health emotionally,
-- weakened muscles which physically rob us of sexual enjoyment,
-- and poor understanding of God's view of sexual intimacy  which saps our sexual health from a spiritual perspective.

Women Multi-tasking

Women have a great asset; we are multi-taskers.

We can do one task while thinking about another. Watch the kids while cooking dinner, talk on the phone while listening to the conversation across the room. However, when it comes to sexual health this multi-tasking strength can be a weakness. To obtain optimum sexual health women should pay attention to their emotional engagement with their spouses during intimate moments. Are you just rushing through the experience, going through the motions? Or are you savoring each touch and caress? Are you present and "in the moment" with your spouse or are you preoccupied with other matters?

Be present. Be engaged. Get emotionally involved in each intimate experience with your spouse. Sex is not just physical. Your emotional connection matters. Be sure to build emotional health and connection with your spouse outside the bedroom as well.

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Women Sexual Health and Physical Health

Physically, women’s bodies go through a lot.

Although filled with many emotional and even physical benefits, childbearing can also have side effects which can bear negatively on our sexual health. Aside from the preoccupation and fatigue that can affect our sexual health emotionally, after childbirth, often the vaginal muscles are weakened which can affect our sexual health physically.  Weak vaginal muscles create loose contact during lovemaking which lessens sensation and pleasure. Simple services however can rectify this situation. Clenches called Kegel exercises can retighten muscles and once again create closer contact and heightened sensations. Practice Kegel exercises by clenching your muscles tightly enough to stop urine flow. Release and repeat. Commit to a few exercises per day, and you are sure to quickly restore your muscles to their pre-childbirth strength.

Sexual Health and Intimacy

Finally, when it comes to women -sexual health is particularly vulnerable to a faulty understanding of sexual intimacy and purity.

To protect purity before marriage, a lot of emphasis is placed on restraining, resisting and refraining from sexual urges. Because so much emphasis for young Christian single women is placed on “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t”,  the idea that sex itself is wrong can unfortunately be carried into a marriage. The trouble with that thinking is that sex itself is not wrong! Sex outside of marriage transgresses God’s law, however within a marriage sex is a blessed gift of God. Sexual intimacy in fact it is so important to God that He placed and entire book in the Bible to highlight its importance (The Song of Songs).  Enhance your appreciation for the gift of sexual intimacy. Read Song of Solomon to gain a right perspective of how God views the physical union between and husband and wife. Embracing God’s blessing and permission for you to physically enjoy your spouse will liberate you spiritually and bring true sexual health.

As women sexual health should not be an insignificant aspect of our lives. If we’d like to truly enjoy fruitful passionate and healthy marriages, sexual health is important. We must take charge of the emotional physical and spiritual aspects of our sexual health in order to achieve the passionate, happy marriages that we all dream of. 

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